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Czech Republic

• Source, transit, and destination country for women subjected to forced prostitution.

• Women from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Mongolia, Nigeria, Honduras, and Brazil subjected to forced prostitution in the Czech Republic.

• Women travel through the Czech Republic en route to other European countries, including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, and the Netherlands, and subjected to forced prostitution.

• Forced sterilizations a concern.

• Surgical castration of sex offenders.

• 35% of women in Czech Republic report intimate partner physical violence in their lifetime.

• 11% of women report sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

• 51% of women report intimate partner and/or non-partner physical violence in their lifetime.

• 35% of women report intimate partner and/or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

• Sex tourism in decline.



• NGO Bily Kruh Bezpeci (White Circle of Safety) provides professional, discreet and free assistance to victims and witnesses of crime.


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