The Film


An artist faces public opposition as she struggles to mount a large-scale exhibition of paintings based on a police poster of missing women, twenty-six of whom are found murdered on a serial killer’s farm.  In 2006 Pamela Masik, a contemporary artist, set out to create a large-scale exhibition of paintings focused on women who went missing over the previous two decades on the streets of Vancouver.  Titled “The Forgotten”, this powerful series of sixty-nine portraits would be based on a police task force poster of the missing women’s headshots.

In 2007, pig farmer Robert Pickton stood trial for the murders of twenty-six women whose remains were found at his farm and slaughterhouse.  He would admit to an undercover police officer that he killed forty-nine.  The twenty-six women identified as Pickton’s victims are included on the task force poster and form part of Masik’s work.

Over a six year period we follow Masik’s struggle to exhibit this collection of paintings, and the public outcry that ensues.  All of this amidst a shocking murder trial; an inquiry into the police department’s failed investigation; and the families’ search for answers in Canada’s largest serial murder case in history.

The Filmmakers

Damon Vignale; Producer, Director, Editor

Vignale’s films have been presented at film festivals worldwide and received international acclaim. Accolades include a Gemini Award for his groundbreaking web series The Vetala. As a writer-producer, Vignale has worked on five seasons of the hit drama series Blackstone. His recent television credits include Bravo’s character-driven cop drama 19-2, and CTV’s homicide series Motive.

Miho Yamamoto; Producer

In 1996 Miho started her career in broadcasting in Japan. An awareness of many perspectives concerning the 9/11 attacks and her struggles to report the facts played a major influence in shifting her career to be a filmmaker. Since relocating to Vancouver in 2004, she has worked on award winning films and TV series such as The Entrance, Conversation with the Supplicant, The Vetala, and R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.

Daryl Bennett; Editor, Composer

Daryl has been composing award winning scores for film and television for over 23 years. Credits include Nash – The Documentary, The Vetala, Voyage of The Unicorn, Little Brother of War, and Once In A Blue Moon. His scores have earned him two Leo Awards and nominations for a Gemini, a Genie, and two Grammy’s. In addition, Daryl is also an accomplished film editor.


Pamela Masik; Artist

Masik’s innate desire to create emits itself through a prolific body of work that includes hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and performances combined. Her work can be found in collections in the UK, Spain, Dubai, China, and throughout Canada and the USA. Masik works out of her studio in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Pamela Masik