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• Estimated 40,000 to 70,000 Indonesian children exploited in prostitution within the country.

• Major source country, and to a lesser extent, destination and transit country for women, children, and men who are subjected to sex trafficking.

• Women migrate to Malaysia, Singapore, and the Middle East and are subsequently subjected to forced prostitution.

• Debt bondage pronounced among sex trafficking victims, with an initial debt of some $600 to $1,200 imposed on victim.

• More than 25 sex trafficking victims from Uzbekistan were identified in 2010.

Reports of victims from China, Thailand, other Central Asian countries, and Eastern Europe exploited in Indonesia.

• Trend of recruitment of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia for religious pilgrimage to Mecca. Once in the Saudi Kingdom, Indonesians trafficked to other points in the Middle East.

• 3.07% of women report intimate partner and/or non-partner sexual and/or physical violence in their lifetime.

• Legal definition of rape is narrow and excludes marital rape



• Kyai Husein Muhammad, founder and leader of The Fahmina Institute, Indonesia,  has helped raise awareness of human trafficking among women and children in rural communities in West Java through an anti-trafficking media campaign, which included the distribution of 22,000 leaflets each week in mosques after Friday prayers, along with outreach to village health clinics and schools.


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