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• Rape victims’ families may offer rapists marriage as an alternative to preserve family honor.

• Source and destination country for women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.

• May also be a transit point for Eastern European women and children destined for sex trafficking in other Middle Eastern countries

• Brothels licensed. Regular testing for disease.

• Government’s artiste visa program in 2010 facilitated the entry of 5,595 women from Eastern Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria on three-month visas to work as dancers in the adult entertainment industry. Serves to sustain a significant sex trade and enables forced prostitution through such practices as withholding of passports and restrictions on movement.

• Some Syrian street prostitutes may be forced to engage in the sex trade.

• Syrian girls are reportedly brought to Lebanon for the purpose of prostitution, including through the guise of early marriage.

• NGO KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation, nonspousal rape was relatively common.

• KAFA reported 80% of domestic violence victims suffered spousal rape.

• Some religious courts may legally require a battered wife to return to her home despite physical abuse.

• A man who kills his wife or other female relative may receive reduced sentence if he demonstrates crime committed in response to a socially unacceptable sexual relationship conducted by the victim.



• Training provided by NGOs reportedly led to increased recognition that nonpayment of wages and physical abuse of domestic workers are indicators of human trafficking.


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