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• Source, transit, and increasingly destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.

• Ukrainian victims subjected to trafficking in Russia, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, Israel, Greece, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Lebanon, Benin, Tunisia, Cyprus, Aruba, Equatorial Guinea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Slovakia, Syria, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, and Belarus.

• Women forced into prostitution.

•  Men, women, and children from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Moldova, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic, and Pakistan subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking in Ukraine.

• NGOs reported that official trafficking-related corruption was a problem, including complicity of prosecutors, judges, and border guards.

• 12.7% of women in Ukraine report intimate partner physical violence in their lifetime.

• 3.3% of women report sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

• 16.9% of women report intimate partner and/or non-partner physical violence in their lifetime.

• 5.4% of women report intimate partner and/or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

• 1.8% report forced first sex.

• 3.7% report abuse during pregnancy.

• According to Donetsk Regional League of Business and Professional Women, domestic violence annually resulted in 100,000 days of care at in-patient hospital facilities, 30,000 trauma unit cases, and 40,000 doctor visits.

• Up to 40% of calls to police involved complaints about domestic violence.


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