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United Kingdom

• In 2000, it was estimated up to 1,420 women per year are trafficked into the UK for sexual exploitation

• For 2009-2010, 51,707 females were reported missing.

• Data  concerning  individuals  reported  to  Missing  People  shows 71%   of  13-­17  year  olds  reported  to  the  charity  were  found  to  be  female.  In adulthood, this pattern   reverses, with  the  same  study  showing  that  73%  of  people  reported  to  Missing People  aged  18  or   over  were  male  (Biehal  et  al,  2003).

• Data indicates only 1% remain missing after a year.

• Crimes linked to missing person incidents include homicide, abduction,, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, human trafficking, forced marriage, and honour‐based violence.

• 18.9% of women in the United Kingdom report intimate partner physical violence in their lifetime.

• 3.8% of women report sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

• Domestic violence alone cost approximately US$32.9 billion In England and Wales.



• International Union of Sex Workers aims to unionize sex workers in the United Kingdom.

• English Collective of Prostitutes offers help and advice on a range of issues including legal advice. Campaigns for decriminalization and financial alternatives so that sex workers can leave prostitution if they want.


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