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• Source country for children and, to lesser extent, men and women subjected to sex trafficking within the country.

• Girls induced into prostitution, often by their peers, family members, or by businessmen offering other forms of employment.

• Young girls are sometimes sold by a family member into prostitution or forced into the sex trade in exchange for food and shelter.

• Girls and boys whose mothers engage in prostitution are reportedly vulnerable to being forced into prostitution at a young age.

• Drug-addicted women are forced into prostitution by boyfriends who serve as pimps.



• Police Family Protection Unit and the Minors Brigade has awareness campaign on child abuse and child rights at schools and community centers that included a session on dangers of prostitution.

• Ministry of Tourism, Leisure, and External Communications distributes pamphlets to hotels and tour operators to combat child sex trafficking


Sources: U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2011