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Papua New Guinea

• Source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.

• Women and children subjected to sex trafficking and domestic servitude.

Children, especially young girls from tribal areas, most vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation.

• Families traditionally sell girls into forced marriages to settle their debts

• In urban areas, some children from poorer families are prostituted by their parents or sold to brothels.

• Migrant women and teenage girls from Malaysia, Thailand, China, and the Philippines are subjected to sex trafficking.

• Smugglers turn women over to traffickers for transport to logging and mining camps, fisheries, and entertainment sites where they are exploited in forced prostitution.

• Government officials facilitate trafficking by accepting bribes to allow illegal migrants to enter the country or to ignore victims forced into prostitution, by receiving female trafficking victims in return for political favors, and by providing female victims in return for votes.

• Violence against women, including gang rape and domestic violence, a serious and prevalent problem.


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